Sara Santamaria

As an immigrant who has dived into different cultures, my artwork relates to the essence of who we are, where we have come from, and where we are journeying. This approach is a  powerful facilitator of culture, identity, and growth. 

Originally from Madrid, Spain, I came to Atlanta in 2014 by way of Canada, France, and England, and my current body of work explores the relationship between place and identity. Using psychogeography as a field to inform my work, I focus on the idea that identity forms by giving specific cultural beliefs and emotional meanings to space. I see it as an experience created by the setting combined with what a person brings to it. Since my life has been marked by mobility, I have emotional and cultural attachments to multiple places and cultures and therefore distinct identities associated with each place. I explore the dislocation and adaptation of those who decide to uproot themselves and cross borders. For many people today who are displaced because of various social, political, or personal reasons, the concept of home is probably best recognized as a sense of being between places, instead of being rooted in one particular place and one unique identity.

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