Namwon Choi

I chose migrancy because it privileges movement in both space and time and the notion of movement and process rather than stability and fixity. I am a Korean artist who has lived and worked in America for fifteen years. Since relocating, the idea of transitional states and the notion of in-betweenness, have led me to become interested in networks of spaces especially highways - places easily passed by or forgotten. I found myself being between here and there; being in-between two countries, and in-between affiliation and alienation. The special and temporal condition of in-betweenness is not for pausing. It is for (dis)connecting here and there.

I make drawings and monochrome landscape paintings of highways that manifests the space of transience as a means of portraying my life in transition. Then I let my paintings, each fragment, each idea-phrase, react with the objects from the highway to link and to create whole sentences describing a fuller view of my experience of in-betweenness in the space of exhibition.

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