Melissa Harshman

Simple Pleasures Series

Themes of innocence, exuberance, memory, joy, and nostalgia, in essence the experience of being a parent looking back at an earlier time, are evident from this body of work titled “Simple Pleasures.”  These are moments in time I have captured and embellished to elevate the ordinary into something special. The shaped pieces in this series begin with photographs I have taken. The image is then manipulated on the computer to enhance the environment and create a more whimsical composition. The completed image is then printed digitally onto thin Kozo paper and adhered to a laser-cut wooden matrix to create a unique final piece. The organic border reflects the surroundings and movement of the child in the image. The decorative patterns also bring the viewer’s attention to the figure. Although the moment is specific to a time in my life, the feelings evoked are universal and therefore are timeless.

Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 9.46.48 AM.png