Kate Burke

Thinking about the dense history of ceremony and ritual within the nature of textiles, I have coupled this craft with the secular liturgies and repetitions of swiping, double-tapping, and scrolling. Touch, the most emotionally-centered sense we have as humans, subconsciously creates deep, emotional connections to the items and devices we physically interact with on a daily basis. Consistently developing our relationship with an interface that exists but also somehow doesn’t, we find ourselves constantly depositing and developing a platform that has become a placeholder for our personality. With the inevitable intangibility (or virtuality) of technology, the functions of textile and sculpture explore the tension of what is real and what isn’t, leading my work to fall into a conversation about perception and the results of perception shifting over time. Ideas of transcendence, repetition and ritual, truth, facade, deception, and memory have led me to pose questions about our responses to ourselves, our past, our relationships and environment, and our perceptions of truth.


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