Dianna Settles

I've tried to use my work as a way to process my own life experiences and identities, to identify and highlight patterns in my own behaviors and actions and also find paths across others' experiences, collectivizing and refining shared experiences to elevate them beyond our individual memories. 

This intention came to fruition in 2014, when I took my first trip to Vietnam, where my father is from. My mixed-race identity drew me towards a kind of clumsy synthesis of more traditional Vietnamese paintings and the classically trained influences of European colonization. This in-between-ness resonates with me and drives my urge to echo this feeling in my practice to reach those others who also feel unseen. I believe that growing the presence of non-white bodies in works of art is a radical and historically important act. I feel grateful to be able to translate my conflicting feelings of alienation through the bodies, colors, and objects that I am able to render into sources of power and reclamation. My hope is that, through sharing my paintings and prints, others will be able to follow my journey and, in doing so, feel encouraged enough to follow themselves.


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