Daniel Soder

Photography has increasingly expanded into fluid schools of perspective. From its inception photography’s raison d’etre and defining characteristic was the medium’s ability to capture ‘the moment’, crystalizing and archiving a slice of the human experience onto film. Maybe second to this prime mover was the fact that photography allowed so many people to express themselves artistically by appropriating the relatively simple technology and use it to frame the world the way they see it. I on the other hand am interested in the ‘post moment’ horizon of photography and the ‘non-subjective’ perspective.

I use the camera as an amateur scientist uses a microscope or telescope- that is as a means of investigation and exploration into the natural world. I’m as interested in the image making of the scientific community as I am the arts. My curiosity is piqued by the wonders of physics and chemistry as well as the creativity of fashion, design, and poetry. I see my role as applying aesthetics to physical experiments with light, color, and space. My primary influence has been the California Light and Space Movement from the 70’s.

Most of my time is spent constructing tabletop sets that either split light into individual colors or reflect and bend it into shapes. I desire to create images that please and quiet the discursive chatter in our heads. It’s my hope and intention to create photographs that give our eyes a respite while also inspiring wonder and curiosity about the world around us.